Test for Bipolar

Heard people talk about Bipolar or Mania but don’t know what it is or if you have it? Although an official diagnosis requires a psychiatric evaluation by a professional, these are some signs and symptoms to consider:

  1. Have you ever had an abnormal time in your life when you were much more talkative than normal or you had thoughts that were racing through your head?
  2. Did you struggle with depression as a teenager?
  3. Has there ever been a set of multiple days when you had 2-3 hours of sleep but you felt energetic as if you had slept 8-10 hours?
  4. Have you had more than a handful of relatively long, independent stretches of depression (at least 2 weeks in duration with time in-between before the next depressive episode)?
  5. Did you ever experience several days or longer where you were caught off guard by being so euphoric, happy, social, confident, or with high energy?
  6. If you had a period of time like the five listed here, was it caused by a drug, alcohol, medication, physical disease, or anything else you can think of? Or did it appear out of the blue?

If you answered “Yes” to several questions or if you have a suspicion you may have a mental health issue that causes problems in your life you should reach out now for help. Waiting until later to treat psychiatric issues has been proven to significantly worsen outcomes. Psych evals go into much greater detail than this short list to figure out what may be going on in your unique situation, and sometimes the gold-standard of treatment is medication and/or psychotherapy to get your on the path of recovery.

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